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20   /  X  /   2014

The redevelopment of Centenary Square is based on the concept of a European metropolis open space with multiple urban uses.                         
The colonnade enclosing the central space defines the core of the square and creates a transparent filter aiming to link spatially different architectural styles, concurrently creating a figurative connection with the historic industrial skyline of Birmingham.

The new xxxx paving pattern aims to rationalize a space already very complex in geometries and styles. The rotating shelters provide flexible shade where required and the opportunity for commercial or event advertising.

The ribbons of different paving start at Virgil typeface sculpture quoting a verse from Virgil highlighting the importance of culture. The they encircle the flowerbeds, incorporate the library void and open up into seating areas, creating spaces of a smaller scale and informal level. They end with a plaque marking the centre of the space for people gathering  and more formal events.

Centenary Square embraces its past looking towards its future and becomes a flexible space, capable of accommodating various events in the year on different scales, where room is left to people for personalisation and appropriation of the place.
The focus of Centenary Square is brought back on its people and activities. 

Location:   Birmingham Centenary Square

Status:       Competition

Floor area: 0.5 Ha

Client:        Birmingham Council

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