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25   /   X  /   2012

Nestled within a classic Stucco Townhouse Building overlooking St George's Square, this traditional four-bedroom flat underwent a comprehensive internal renovation led by CBO Architects.

The original chevron floor has been thoughtfully preserved, serving as a nod to the flat's heritage, while the entirety of the remaining space has undergone a complete refurbishment.

To enhance the visual interest of the vast open space, new Oak steps were introduced, introducing a dynamic element that breaks the potential monotony of the area.

As part of the renovation, sections of the entrance, radiators, and existing units were replaced with spray-painted MDF Panels. Through laser-cut precision, we artfully reinterpreted the iconic "JASMINE" wallpaper pattern designed by William Morris, creating a bespoke and captivating feature within the space. This innovative approach marries traditional elements with contemporary design, resulting in a harmonious blend of history and modernity.




Location:   SW1V London

Status:       Completed October 2012

Floor area: 180sqm

Client:        Private

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