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19   /   VII  /   2019

The Living With Water was a RIBA competition where CBO Architects was shortlisted for the second stage

Our site analysis has proposed that Humber Quay West represents the missing jigsaw piece to complete the picture of this vibrant and quickly developing area of the city spanning across the Hunter water edge and to potentially trigger the future regeneration towards West.

Likewise, Hull Arena represents a great opportunity to connect the waterfront to the Marina and the retail and leisure quarters towards North.

As result we have proposed range of uses and activities populating the masterplan with a variety of different users such as residents, tourist, workers, shoppers, food and drink consumer, families, special event visitors among the others.

They activate the area at different times of the day and the week, preventing the new quarter from becoming a dead spot.

Location:   HULL City Centre

Status:       Shortlisted RIBA Competition

Floor area: 2 Ha

Client:        HULL Council

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